May 8, 2017

With the purpose of simplifying the establishment of new companies and especially companies with limited liability, an electronic processing was approved per Royal Decree 13/2010 (see also draft law 14/2013).

Thus, as soon as the corporation of a company with limited liability (“SL”) has been signed before a Notary public, the new system already permits an electronic application for the provisional Spanish tax number (“NIF”), the payment of tax on the transfer of assets and stamped legal documents, the entry in the corresponding Commercial Register, certain formalities before the Social Security, the delivery of the registered corporation deed as well as the subsequent acquisition of the definite tax number. This means that it is now possible to establish and to activate a Spanish company in a relatively short period.

Also, by submitting the so-called “DUE” (uniform electronic document) before the corresponding “point of care”, further formalities such as the reservation of a trademark or a commercial name before the Spanish patent office, the application for municipal licenses, the registration of personal data in the Spanish Office for data protection or the registration of employment contracts before the Employment Office can be made.

Although this is only a summary of all current provisions. If your clients wish so, we shall be pleased to expand this information.